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Bohemian Tapestry

April 20, 2015


I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  The weather here in New York was beautiful! 
We spent most of our weekend outdoors.  Fresh Air, Sunshine.... lovin' It!!
We even took a ride on our boat!  

During spring break, my daughter and I went shopping for a tapestry for her bedroom wall. We went to several stores but no luck, so she decided to shop online for one.  She purchased this one from Urban Outfitters on clearance.  I love her savvy shopping skills. She must have picked that up from me.  If you are interested in buying one you can find it here.

Her bedroom has gone through several transformations.  She went from soft pink walls to bright bright pink then to all white.  She is now interested in giving her bedroom a Bohemian makeover.  Which means: A Lot of Color!!

The string of white lights adds to the Bohemian look and so does the dream catcher.

New bedding and a lot of pillows will be next on the list.  

This is certainly a wow factor when you walk into her bedroom. 
 It's a work in progress and we are almost there.  
Soon I will be sharing the rest of her Bohemian bedroom makeover.


  1. That is definitely a statement maker! Your daughter sounds like me with changing her decor a lot. I know what that's like to change things up a lot. Even drastically! She's obviously very creative.

  2. What a lovely choice!!thanks for sharing such great blog with us...
    You can choose more beautiful bohemian tapestries, hippie and mandala tapestries from for wall hanging, bed throw and beach time.

  3. i loved your wall hanging tapestry this is the best collection that i have seen last time . nice stuff in your blog thanks for sharing !!!!!


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