Kitchen lighting update

by Julie Nichols, May 19, 2015
About a month ago I started my search for a new light fixture for our kitchen. I wrote a post on how to shop on-line and searched many sites to find just the right one.  

One way to update your kitchen without emptying your bank account is with lighting.  Lighting sets the tone for any room especially in the kitchen and dining room.  Because there are so many design options, it is a good idea to know what your design style is before you start to shop.  I like to use Pinterest for this.  
There were two factors I took into consideration before making my purchase.  I needed a light that would light the entire space of my kitchen, so that excluded any that could not use a 100 watt light bulb or above.  The second factor was the ceiling height.  Most of the light fixtures I pinned were in kitchens with tall ceilings... which I love so much!!!... but in reality mine are the standard 8 foot kind. So sadly all those lovely pendents were crossed off my love list.

So lets talk style for a minute.... mine is coastal, industrial, farmhouse, modern.  That is quite a mouth full, but it sums up everything I love and to me that's what style is all about....
{Living with what you love!!}   

When I set out to purchase lighting I kept in mind our casual life style and wanted something to reflect that.  After all the searching I narrowed down my choices.

Thanks to all who helped out with my decision making!



You are going to be surprised!!!.....


 I purchased my light on-line at Menards. 
   I was able to get the same look for less by purchasing my light at a hardware store.

Here is a little tip I found out during my search...
Read the reviews that people write.
I am glad I did because I never would have looked at hardware stores for lighting.

My barn light arrived about a week after I made my on-line purchase.

The neat thing about this light is the versatility.  It can be hung from the ceiling or on the wall.  You can also customize the color to go with your decor.
  I think this light fixture would look really cool in a bathroom above a vanity.

I customized mine by spray painting it black!
 Any spray paint brand will do the trick.

The steel pipe that came with the light fixture was a bit long, so we  purchased a shorter one at our local Lowes.

This was our original light fixture.

We temporarily swapped it out for this beauty

until I decided on just the right one.

This baby packs a 300 watt bulb!
My husband installed the light and changed the light switch to a dimmer.
 By doing it ourselves we saved a ton of money.

Disregard the fact that when we painted the ceiling we forgot to take the old fixture off.  Hence the round circle of different paint color.

   I am so happy with my new customized light and can you believe I spent under $30.00 for it!!

Enjoy Your Day!

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  1. I love it! I'm amazed that you found something that perfect for something that inexpensive. That black is perfect.



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