The Joy Of Lilacs

in , by Julie Nichols, May 25, 2015
For me, there is nothing more joyful than the simple pleasure of Lilacs.  Our kitchen table is set with a bouquet of these fragrant blooms.  

Once a year I get to experience the joy of their bountiful blooms 
their sweet intoxicating fragrance. 

                    Oh, how I love these delicate flowers with their varying shades of purple.

I just want to sit here all day and smell their heavenly scent!

Remember to check for insects before you bring in fresh cut flowers.   Ants like to climb the bushes of lilacs in search of the flowers sweet nectar.

It's so sad they only bloom for a couple of weeks each spring.

Last year I had them in my entry and living room. 
 If you'd like you can read about that here & here.

I love all flowers but these bring me to my knees!

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  1. Julie those are just beautiful! Thanx for sharing at THT.

  2. So pretty! I can almost smell them from your photos!



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