DIY Bottle Toppers

by Julie Nichols, August 11, 2015

Hi Friends..... I'm so glad you stopped by!  
Today I will show you a simple project on how to use an old trophy to make bottle toppers.  All you need for this project is a trophy, spray paint and corks.  I found my trophies at a yard sale.

These eagles were left over from a race boat trophy.  
 I repurposed the race boats into summer decor. You can read about that post here.
                                                The eagles were dingy, dirty and rusty.
I used the same color spray paint that I used on the boats.

They have screws on the bottom so all I had to do was twist them into wine bottle corks.

 I happen to love wine so I had few corks on hand.

I planned on drilling a small hole into the corks, this way it makes it easier to twist the eagles into them.....  But silly me I forgot to charge my drill.  I used a phillips head screw driver instead. Surprisingly this worked just fine!  

I chose the barefoot wine corks because they have a summer vibe.

Twist the eagles into the corks.

So easy!

Now they are ready to be twisted into the bottles.

Not so easy!

I was disappointed when the barefoot corks didn't fit inside these bottles.
{If you try this project make sure the corks you pick fit inside your bottles.}

Good thing I had a stash of corks!! 

 I ending up using these corks instead.  They were the perfect fit and easy to twist into the bottles.

Now my wine bottles are all dressed up for a party...
Although it looks like the party already began..
I'll need to buy more wine.
This DIY idea is great for party decor!!

If you are throwing a party these toppers would be fun to use for your wine bottles.
 How neat would it be if you found trophies that went with the theme of your party!!

These toppers can be used on top of any glass bottle not necessarily wine bottles.

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  1. What a great and funny idea:-)
    Love it:-)

  2. Super clever and fun upcycle!!! You have inspired me to make some from these cute little doorknobs I've been saving! TFS



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