Easy Fall Decorating

by Julie Nichols, September 06, 2015
                                                                    Hey there friends! 
                           Summer is rapidly slipping away and I have fall decorating on my mind.  

Using SCRABBLE letters is a fun way to add personality to your decor and it's super easy to do.

 I pulled out the old SCRABBLE game and used the letters to decorate a cozy fall vignette.

I added plush pumpkins, a tiny mum, and a dried hydrangea to the vignette.  The pumpkins are handcrafted by me. The one on the right has a driftwood stem and is my newest creation.  The small guy on the left I made last year.   You can read the tutorial here.

For the mum, I made a skirt using a burlap and crochet ribbon.  I just wrapped the ribbon around the plastic container, gave it a dab of hot glue and added SCRABBLE letters to the top.

oops I put the N upside down

Yup that N is upside down!   
Of course, I noticed my mistake while writing this post. 


I love using nature to decorate with!

 The raw wood of the SCRABBLE  letters adds an organic feel to the vignette


                                     As temperatures get cooler I think I'll ADD words like...... 
                                   COZY   GATHER   COMFORT   JOY    GRATITUDE                    
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