How to Decorate with Fake Flowers-Tips & Tricks

in , by Julie Nichols, March 29, 2021
The snow has melted and the sun is shining,  I am in the mood to get my spring on.  I  LOVE fresh flowers!  I usually buy mine at the grocery store, but this week they were hard to come by.  So what's a girl to do when fresh flowers aren't an option?  Go shopping at the craft store for some fakes. I made a trip to our local craft store and picked up a few stems of forsythia and a bouquet of roses.  


Here are my 3 tips & tricks for decorating with fake flowers to make them look real:


When shopping for fake flowers, take your time, the options can be overwhelming.  I buy silk flowers that have the closest color and texture to the real deal.

Wait for sales, I never pay full price.

Go to yard sales, people give them away.

Buy flowers that are in season. For example, spring is here. I bought the forsythia because they bloom in early spring.

Creative Arrangements:

Breathe creativity into your space by placing your fake flowers in unique containers.  Use tin cans, glass jars, candle holders, teacups, metal buckets, anything that you feel will add personality and character to the arrangement.  Just make sure the containers you choose are different in height.

I like to use mirrors.  Mirrors add dimension which makes the arrangement look twice as big than it actually is.  Put water in a clear vase along with your fake flowers this makes the arrangement appear to be real.  Bring in natural elements like moss, stones, and wood.  Mixing these natural elements with your fake flowers brings a sense of life to them.  Your guests will never know they are fake unless they touch them or smell them.


Add Live Plants 

I added an aloe vera and kalanchoe plant to the vignette.  By mixing real with fakes it tricks the mind into thinking the fakes are real.


how to decorate with fake flowers tips & tricks-blog-love-my-simple-home

how to decorate with fake flowers tips &

Cotton stems can be placed in baskets and buckets. I purchased mine on

how to decorate with fake flowers-tips &

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for decorating with fake flowers? I would love to know! Please feel free to share!

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