Treat Yourself Good..With Epsom Salt

by Julie Nichols, February 13, 2016
Happy Valentine's Weekend My Friends!

I love Epsom salt...have you tried it? 
Epsom salt can be used in many ways and has many health benefits. 
 One of the ways I love to use it is in the tub.

Epsom salt can be purchased at the drug store for a few dollars.  
It is high in magnesium and is absorbed through the skin.  

Treat Yourself good with my soothing BATH cocktail recipe:
Mix two cups of Epsom salt and one Tablespoon of coconut oil in warm/hot bath water.
This all-natural remedy soothes my achy muscles and leaves my skin silky smooth.
For aromatherapy, I add lavender oil.

I love Epsom salt so much... I put it in this pretty glass bottle that I recycled.  I personalized the bottle with a faux pearl monogram and a bright pink ribbon purchased at Michaels craft store.
It's the perfect me gift or a sweet gift to give to someone you love.

Treat yourself good and have a Beautiful Valentine's Day! 

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