A Refresh For Spring With White Paint

Spring is coming and I can't wait! 

As we transition into spring I have a list of small and large projects that I want to tackle.  My first project is a small one.  It is a refresh of our tiny entryway.  I painted the deacon bench white and placed it in this spot near the staircase and our front door.  
I love the color white, it is clean, fresh, bright, and goes with every color of the rainbow.     

After going through countless paint samples, I decided on Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

                                       HERE IS THE BEFORE PICTURE OF THE BENCH 

                                                     Deacon bench before the FIRST makeover.

 I repurposed our kitchen light fixture into a vertical planter.  You can check out the tutorial for that here:
                                         How to repurpose a light fixture into a vertical planter

Here is the space I am working with.  


For the Bench:
 I purchased a paint sample of Simply White at the hardware store.  I used a nylon paintbrush and applied two coats of paint. While the paint was still wet I used a foam brush to smooth out the lines from the paint strokes.

Wall Vase:
I used a foam brush to apply a very thin coat of paint mixed with a splash of water.

That's it!!
One project down!!

 After the paint dried I put everything in place and started to decorate.  

Fresh cut daffodils in mason jars hang from the wall vase.


Plates are an inexpensive way to decorate.  Simply install plate wall hangers and hang them in groups. These three black and white butterfly plates add instant style to the space above the wall vase.


A blue pillow softens the bench


 An area rug offers a soft place to put shoes on.


Baskets for storage


Our sweet Molly girl always ready for a photo opp.


Simply White is the perfect refresh for spring!  
 How about you?  
Are you thinking of a spring refresh with white paint?


Oh my... your bench is so stunning! And I'm so smitten over your window.... that is beautiful! Trying to think where I could add one!

p.s. Julie, you may want to try reloading your link code so the pictures show up.
Unknown said…
I love the bench and the little area it is in! So cozy and welcoming!
Julie Nichols said…
Thank you Donna for the visit. I'll reload the code again.I hope the pictures show this time.
Julie Nichols said…
Thank you so much Lindsay!
Such a bright cozy space--love it!
I love how your bench came out -- it's so sweet and cute! Visiting from the #DIYMySpring blog hop!
Julie Nichols said…
Thank you for the visit!!
What a sweet space, and that little bench is so fresh in white :)
Julie Nichols said…
Thank you Cindy for stopping by!!
Karen Cooper said…
I love that bench! And the crisp white looks amazing. Beautiful! Welcome spring!
ibshell said…
Such a pretty and fresh area. I love the spring colors in your home. White and yellow are such a great combination!
Julie Nichols said…
Thank you Karen! So nice to have to stop by for a visit!
Julie Nichols said…
Thanks so much Michele for the visit!
Christina Paul said…
What a delightful and welcoming space! The white really pops! So amazing what the right paint can do and Molly seems to approve :)
Visiting from the blog hop
Decor To Adore said…
What a great transformation for spring. This post was truly a joy to read and I hope that you will continue adding your ray of sunshine every week on Thoughts of Home on Thursdays.
A Crafty Mix said…
I love the color combination you've used Julie. It's reminds me of clear blue skies and happy sunshine. Molly is the perfect addition to the look too
Julie Nichols said…
Thank you Michelle!