How to dramatically change a plain picture frame

in , by Julie Nichols, March 24, 2016

There is a lot I like about living on Long Island. I am surrounded by beautiful ocean beaches and live in close proximity to Manhattan.  For me, that's the best of both worlds.  On a recent visit to the MoMA/Museum of Modern Art, my daughter purchased a Roy Lichtenstein print called 
Drowning Girl. 

This print is modern, fun & edgy.  I wanted a frame that would show it off.  I had a bunch of used frames laying around my workroom collecting dust,  none of them worked with this piece of art.  The colors were all wrong.  So being the mastermind I am, I took out a can of spray paint and gave one of the frames a nice shiny coat of black!
The next thing I did was...... I added two eye hooks to the top of the frame.  I tied a broken necklace chain that was my daughter's through the eye hooks.  I hammered a nail in the wall and hung the artwork in her bedroom!


Now the frame works to show the personality of the artwork.  

All it takes to dramatically change the look of a frame is a little spray paint and a unique way of hanging it.

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