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Welcome, I'm so glad you stopped by!   In my previous post, I shared my fireplace makeover reveal, you can read about that here.  Today I'm sharing three different ways how to style your junk on a bookshelf for a light, airy and uncluttered look. 


                                               Here are the shelves before the makeover 

                                   Look #1    

How to style your junk on a bookshelf to make it look light, airy, and uncluttered 

Here are three different looks to try:

Use a collection of clear glass bottles on the top shelf, this instantly brightens the shelf.  The clear glass allows the eye to see through giving the shelf visual interest without the clutter. need to spend money here three of the glass bottles I used are soda bottles.

Give a shelf balance by stacking books or magazines at both ends.  Use colored glass bottles, (more soda bottles) fresh flowers, and plants for pops of color.  The books, a driftwood sailboat, and a nautical rope add texture and warmth to the white shelves. 

Look #2

Bring life to shelves with plants.  Here I replaced everything on the first shelf with live plants. Line them up leaving gaps between each plant for a light and airy look.

Look #3

Make shelves tidy by using baskets and curtains. They are great for hiding all sorts of things.  The white curtain is hung with a tension rod. Tin cans and buckets add farmhouse style and are perfect for holding flowers and herbs. Add wood like the candlesticks and a picture frame to warm up the white paint.

Which look do you like best?  

Thank you for the visit, I hope you come back again!

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