DIY Feather Print On Canvas

Add farmhouse art to your wall using your printer and mod podge. I used a feather print that I created, but you can use anyone your heart desires.  


a printed photo

mod podge

8x10 inch canvas board

foam brush

Exacto knife

Use your printer to print any photo of your choice. Print it full size on 8 x 11-inch regular printer paper.

Coat an 8x10 inch canvas board with mod podge and center the print on the board. (don't overdo it with the mod podge, bleeding of the ink will occur.)

There will be a slight overlap, just trim the corners so you can fold around the back of the board. This will give you clean edges.

Wait for it to dry

Now go ahead and display your gorgeous work of art

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Unknown said…
Very cute and clever idea! An easy DIY, which is what I like! Thanks for sharing.
Julie Nichols said…
Thank you Erin! So happy you stopped by for a visit!
Unknown said…
This looks great! Thanks for sharing your idea!