How to install a plank wall

Welcome to # 4 in the series of our fireplace makeover. 


This project is nearing completion and I couldn't be more excited!!!

My husband and I worked together on this part of the makeover.  I sanded and painted the boards and he did the cutting and the installation.  

                                           The space above the mantel measures  7'.6" X  2'.5" 


We found these pine boards on the side of the road. Freebies!  Gotta love that!!!
However the boards were not the correct size, they measured (1" X 6" X 8')  darn a few inches too long and a little too wide.  My husband cut each board to size with a table saw and a chop saw.  

The wood had a ton of splinters and needed a good sanding.
After the boards were sanded, I painted the edges of each board.

Now they are ready to be installed!

Starting at the bottom, we placed the first board against the wall and placed a level on top to make sure it was straight. Then using a nail gun my husband nailed it in place. To achieve the look of shiplap we left a slight gap between each plank using nickles. We repeated this process all the way to the top of the wall. 


After the planks were installed we used a piece of molding to fill in the gap at the top. 

I was so excited to finally apply the first coat of paint.  White Dove by Benjamin Moore.
I hope you will come back to see the full reveal!  I can hardly wait for you to see it! If you would like to follow along from the beginning, click on the links below:                                           
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                                                      3. PICKING THE PAINT COLOR


I's looking great so far, Julie - can't wait to see it when it's all done!
Unknown said…
It looks really good, it adds so much character!!
Paula@SweetPea said…
This looks great and it's wonderful that you found the wood on the side of the road. You can't beat free for supply costs!
Nikki said…
I like this look! Can't wait to see the whole room in the reveal. :)
Love this idea, and you sure can't beat free wood!