How to make woody branch flowers last longer

I love lilacs and their sweet scent, they are a natural air freshener.  I placed a bunch on my mantle and bookshelf and snapped a few pictures for you to enjoy.

 I love the way they look in the DIY TIN CAN VASE that I made.

A small bouquet sits on the shelves

Here is a tip to make your blooms last longer: 
First strip the leaves from the stem. Cut the bottom of the stem off at a 45- degree angle then slit the bottom of the stem with a sharp knife.  This allows the woody stem to take in water.  This is a tip I picked up while working in a flower shop. It really works and will make your blooms last a bit longer. 

Have a sweet day my friends!


Mary K. said…
What a great tip. I always like to bring home branches with flowers on them straight off the trees but they never seem to last long. Thank you for sharing this great tip with us.
Julie Nichols said…
Thanks Mary! Always happy to share my little tips. Thank you for the visit!
ibshell said…
I LOVE lilacs and am wanting a tin can like yours!! So sweet!!! Thanks for sharing ;)