Hi sweet friends!  If you read my previous post you might remember how I replaced the computer desk with a repurposed door.  This frame was the cabinet door that came from that desk.

Here are the pieces I salvaged.

cabinet door

                                                    I gave the door a quick sanding. 

                            I decided to use Americana Decor Chalk paint.  It is similar in color to the map.  I used a foam paintbrush and gave it two coats.  After the paint dried I distressed the finish with sandpaper.

Then I cut one of the maps from this Chart Kit.  I didn't want to cut into these beautiful maps, but that was the only solution to make it fit inside the cabinet door frame. 

After carefully measuring to size, I cut the map and adhered it to the middle of the door inside the panel.

I used this product for the finishing touch!

I glued the grass cording around the map inside the panel.  I also used the cording to hang the frame, by threading it through the holes and tying a knot.  I love the new frame and how it looks in this refreshing chalky finish paint. The little racing boats came from a trophy that I repurposed.

Hi, friends, I hope you're enjoying the summer so far!   The heat is on here in Long Island and I'm loving it!!  I've been going to the beach as well as getting projects done around the house.

This is our den.  I don't often show this room because it was cluttered and disorganized. We had a large computer desk sitting in the spot above. For years I thought about dismantling the desk and replacing it with something sleek.

Our daughter is leaving for college in the fall, and we will be empty nesters.  It's funny when I was pregnant with her 17 years ago, I had the urge to nest, now that she is leaving I have the urge to purge.  I started my purge with the dismantling of the desk. I salvaged some of it and my husband like a flash, had the rest of it out to the curb in no time.  This happened so quick that I forgot to take a picture of the desk.

I purchased this sweet plate rack at a yard sale about a year ago. Poor thing has been sitting in my workroom waiting for me to give it some love.                                             

When I shop at yard sales I intentionally look for items that are broken but have good bones.  This solid wood plate rack is a good example of what I search for.  As you can see it is missing a dowel. A missing part doesn't bother me. I can replace it or leave it as is like I did here.

Did you know that paint is my best friend?  Well metaphorically speaking.  

For this project, I applied three coats of latex paint called Cream Silk by Benjamin Moore. For the dowels I used one coat of Refreshing; it is a chalky finish made by Americana Decor.  I am in love with this color!!


After the paint dried, I distressed the wood, then added burlap to the back.


I clipped a few hydrangeas, placed them in a basket and hung them next to two French tea towels.

I purchased the tea towels from my favorite online shop Decor Steals.

Two milk bottles (a yard sale purchase) are displayed on the top shelf above thrift store plates.


Simple Strawberry Tart

July 13, 2016, in
Do you love strawberries?  I do, they remind me of my grandmother.  When I was a child my grandmother and I would go strawberry picking.  We'd bring home the sweetest strawberries and she would make these simple yummy tarts that always made my mouth water for more.


 I added a touch of red, white and blue to my front door without spending any money.  
How did I do that?... you may ask 
I dug through my box of ribbons and low and behold I found red, white and blue!

 I kid you not..... this is the easiest wreath to put together ever!!

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