Repurpose a cabinet door into a frame

in , by Julie Nichols, July 28, 2016

 Hi sweet friends!  If you read my previous post you might remember how I replaced the computer desk with a repurposed door.  This frame was the cabinet door that came from that desk.

Here are the pieces I salvaged.

cabinet door

                                                    I gave the door a quick sanding. 

                            I decided to use Americana Decor Chalk paint.  It is similar in color to the map.  I used a foam paintbrush and gave it two coats.  After the paint dried I distressed the finish with sandpaper.

Then I cut one of the maps from this Chart Kit.  I didn't want to cut into these beautiful maps, but that was the only solution to make it fit inside the cabinet door frame. 

After carefully measuring to size, I cut the map and adhered it to the middle of the door inside the panel.

I used this product for the finishing touch!

I glued the grass cording around the map inside the panel.  I also used the cording to hang the frame, by threading it through the holes and tying a knot.  I love the new frame and how it looks in this refreshing chalky finish paint. The little racing boats came from a trophy that I repurposed.

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  1. I really love the look of your framed map. Very coastal. Very cool.

  2. I really love the look of your framed map. Very coastal. Very cool.

  3. That is a very creative way to reuse an old cabinet door. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That's very creative and I abSooooLutely love the color you choose Julie. Brilliant repurpose

  5. What a fun way to repurpose a cabinet door. I love this idea and it makes great wall decor.

  6. Absolutely love that!! So cute! It's given me some inspiration for a cabinet door I have...



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