Monogram Fall Wreath

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Decorate your front door with a homemade fall wreath. I created this eye-catching monogram fall wreath in a matter of minutes and put together a simple tutorial for you to follow.
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Fall and summer are my favorite seasons!  Every season I decorate our front door with a wreath.
This year I made one using a large monogram. Monograms are a great way to personalize your decor.

I purchased the monogram and all of the supplies at Michaels Craft Store.  Whenever I shop at Michaels I always use one of their coupons to save money.  

Follow my simple step by step tutorial below and in no time you will have your own personalized monogram wreath to display on your front door.


Step 1:
Paint the monogram any color your heart's desire.  I used black craft paint with a foam brush.

 Choose your wreath form.
 I used a corn wreath form that I reuse over and over again.  I wrapped it with burlap.  A grapevine wreath would also work.  You can even skip the wrapping part because grapevine wreaths are pretty on their own.

You will need floral wire, a swag, and or garland.  I used what I had... one swag and one garland.

Place the monogram on top of the wreath form

Place the swag and garland on top of the monogram.  Position it any way you'd like.  Using the floral wire wrap the swag, garland, and monogram together around the wreath.  I wrapped the swag first, then I added the garland to the other side and wrapped that as well.

It should look like this when you're done. You can adjust the leaves to cover up the wire.

Hang on your front door to welcome your family and friends!


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  1. I like the idea with the monogram very much:-) It makes the wreath unique:-)


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