How to Decorate With Herb Plants

in , by Julie Nichols, August 04, 2017

Did you know herbs aren't just for cooking?  

Decorating with herbs is a simple way to add natural beauty to your home! 


Did you know that decorating with herbs can bring natural beauty to your home?  This summer I planted mint, parsley, and oregano in container gardens on my patio. I thought I would bring a few clippings inside and display them in my home. I Sprinkled them here and there in different rooms to enjoy their natural fragrance.  


Here are a few ways you can decorate with herbs:

Aim to make your meals taste fresh by using herbs when you cook.  Keep fresh herbs nearby in the kitchen by placing them on a window sill or kitchen counter.  For a farmhouse look, place an herb plant inside a planter.  Or clip sprigs and put them in tin cans or mason jars.


I would love to have this Elevated Garden Bed in my dining room sitting below the window  

Make a centerpiece for your dining room table by gathering a mix of flowers and herbs. Grocery stores are great places to pick up a plant or two.  For this centerpiece, I used one colorful plant and two herb plants placed in decorative planters.

That's B lying on the floor watching my every move.  We adopted her a year ago and she never lets me out of her sight.  She is our new sweetheart.

Another way to display herbs would be on top of a kitchen countertop. Clip herbs from your garden (or store-bought) and place them in glass bottles or mason jars.

One of my favorite ways to display fresh herbs is a vertical planter.  To do this I fill mason jars with water and add clippings then I use S hooks to hang them.  Click on the link to see how I made my vertical planter Vertical Planter 


I love this one at Bed Bath & Beyond

Adding herb plants to a shelf is an unexpected way to add greenery and fragrance. 

Save tin cans and up-cycle them into herb planters DIY Herb Planters In Up-cycled Cans

Aren't these cute at Wayfair

Besides being great to decorate and cook with herbs can make a hot or cold drink taste fresh!  This hot infused mint drink can settle an upset stomach.  Mint Tea Recipe

My favorite cold drink this summer is this Watermelon Strawberry Drink made with mint.

I hope I gave you some ideas on how you can decorate and use fresh herbs in your home.

xo Julie
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