how to make bohemian style bandana pumpkins

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It's no secret that I like to repurpose!  As a matter of fact, I love it!!  I made these bohemian style pumpkins using three bandanas.  Each pumpkin has a different color leaf attached with the words love, faith, and hope written on them.

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What you'll need to make a bandana pumpkin

embroidery thread
embroidery needle
branches to use for stems
hot glue gun
silver metallic sharpie


In steps 1- 4, I am going to teach you how to make a drawstring.  Don't panic this is very easy to do. 
I do not sew and I can do this.

1. Thread the needle, do not knot the end.

2. Lay the bandana on a flat surface. Weave the needle in and out leaving about an inch of the thread hanging.  Continue weaving the needle in and out of the bandana along the entire inner border   (Leave about 1 - 2 inches from the edges)

3. After you stitch all around the bandana, you will meet up with the thread that you left hanging.

4.  Pull both pieces of the thread so the bandana becomes rounded.

5. Stuff the bandana with polyfill pull the thread again until you have your desired shape. There will be a small hole on top.

6. Sew the hole and glue the stem in the middle

How to Embellish the pumpkins

1. Paint the stems with gold metallic spray paint.

2. Wrap twine around the stem and glue.

3. Write meaningful words on the faux leaves using a sharpie.

4. Glue the leaves on the pumpkins.

                                                                         xo Julie

If you're not into making your own you can purchase any one of these adorable fabric pumpkins on Amazon.
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