No floor space for a traditional Christmas tree?  Hang one on the wall!  This hanging Christmas tree made out of chicken wire is a great solution for small spaces.  It's a non-traditional Christmas tree that can be hung on a wall or door.  Just attach some ribbon and ornaments and you've got a festive tree! 

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Here is How to Make a Chicken Wire Christmas Tree:

First, unroll the chicken wire, now that is quite a task!  If you ever worked with chicken wire you know what I mean.  Every time I unrolled it, it rolled back up!  To solve this dilemma I placed each end of the rolled wire under the top side of my table and stretched it out. This worked and I was able to move on to creating the shape of the tree.  To do this apply painter's tape to the chicken wire in the shape of a triangle.  Use your wire cutters to cut the shape out {follow the tape line}. After that is complete your chicken wire should be in the form of a Christmas tree.

Next, go ahead and spray paint the Christmas tree gold, or if you like silver skip this part and leave it as is.

I wanted my Christmas tree to be gold, this is what I used.

Now it's time to decorate your tree!

You can use any Christmas ornaments and ribbon that fits your style

Make sure your ribbon is 1 to 1- 1/2 inches wide.  I used Gold and red plaid ribbon, jingle bells, and ornaments to decorate the tree. The plaid ribbon I purchased 2-1/2 inches wide was too wide so I cut it down the middle to fit inside the links.  The 1-inch gold ribbon fits perfectly. 

Tie jingle bells on the bottom of the tree using thread. I plan on hanging my tree on my door,  I love the sound of the bells as the door opens and shuts.  My kitty thought the bells were fun to play with.  After the bells are hung weave the ribbon through the links.

Starting from the bottom weave your ribbon through the links going up every other link all the way to the top of the tree. (Cutting the ribbon to size as the tree narrows)   For the finishing touches, glue strips of ribbon along the edges, hang the ornaments and make or purchase a large bow to place on top.  

There you have it!  A Chicken Wire Christmas Tree for small spaces!  Go ahead and hang it on your wall and place all the lovely presents for your family and friends underneath.  Or hang it on your front door to greet holiday guests!
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