Furniture Flip-Farmhouse Ladder

in , by Julie Nichols, February 09, 2017
I have this thing for farmhouse ladders!  Every time I see a farmhouse ladder on Pinterest or in a magazine I know I have to have one!


See how a broken-down TV tray gets a simple makeover in this furniture flip.

Have you heard the saying a cat has nine lives?  Well, this wooden TV tray has three!  I found two TV trays on the side of the road and gave them a new life with paint and stencils. You can read that post here  Stenciled Number Trays.

One of the TV trays broke and stayed in my workroom for a really long time!  One day I decided to flip it into a farmhouse serving tray.  Here is the post on that  Farmhouse Serving Tray-DIY

Now For The Final Flip:

After the TV tray was flipped into a farmhouse serving tray I was left with the bottom part that looked very much like a ladder to me.  I became very excited because I knew I could flip this piece into one of those farmhouse ladders that I love so much!

I removed the two attached legs on the side of the TV tray.  As you can see from the picture below I was left with an extra-long dowel. This was an easy fix.  I removed the dowel by slipping it through the two holes and used a hand saw to cut the dowel to size.  Then I covered the two holes with wood putty.

Now it looks like a farmhouse ladder

Next, I painted the ladder with white chalk paint.  I used homemade chalk paint.
 It is the easiest chalk paint recipe I know of.  

1 cup latex paint
1/4 cup baking soda
mix well
apply one-two coats

You can also find the recipe by clicking on this link Simple Chalk Paint Recipe.

 Now, this once unloved piece is a treasured focal point in my room!

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