Hi friends, I hope you are enjoying your summer!  I am back with another fun repurpose project using a wicker mirror.  Last week when it was hot and humid outside I decided to stay inside and clean out a closet that I use to store my home decor.  While digging through the closet I found a wicker mirror that was screaming for a repurpose!


I love the wicker and the oval shape but I didn't need another mirror hanging on my wall. So my solution was to repurpose it into a picture frame for a nautical map.


I had no idea how this mirror was held together, so I flipped it over and pulled out the cardboard back.  I noticed that the mirror was held in place with staples and wicker strips.  This means this was going to be a simple project and you know how much I love simple!

I used a flat head screwdriver to remove the wicker strips and a wire cutter to pull out the staples.


I used one of the chart maps from my nautical chart book to put inside the frame.

I used the cardboard backing as a template to cut the oval shape for the map.

After cutting the oval shape map I glued it to the cardboard backing and painted a thin coat of mod podge right on top of the map to seal and protect it.  While that was drying I painted the wicker frame using a mint color fabric paint. You can use spray paint but I wanted to try out my new fabric paint!  I used the Tulip brand Slick finish.

This was the first time I used fabric paint on wicker and I have to say I like the results.  I waited about a half-hour for the paint to dry before popping the map into the back of the frame.  The mint color paint brings out the green on the map.  I have the frame hanging in my den along with a chart map sailboat that I made last year and these gorgeous purple hydrangeas.

The blue race boat was another one of my repurpose projects. It came from an old trophy. 
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  1. I adore this repurposed mirror!

  2. I love how this turned out! I think it would be a really nice gift too for the traveler in your life :) Pinned & sharing!



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