How to make Abstract Fabric Christmas Ornaments

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Hi friends, have you noticed the abstract art trend around shops and online too?  Abstract art is a big thing right now and I love it!  Over the years I've created Christmas decor with traditional colors, but sometimes there is nothing better than adding a modern vibe to a classic idea.

Today's project is one of those classics.  I used Ball Mason Jar Lids to create DIY Christmas ornaments to hang on my tree or to give as gifts.  I used fabric with a geometric abstract pattern to add my own twist to this classic favorite.   Click through for the tutorial and my DIY photos.

Materials for DIY Abstract Fabric Christmas Ornaments 
I had four mason jar lids on hand and one embroidery hoop that I thought would be fun for this project.  The fabric that I used was leftover from a bench reupholstery project.  You can check that out HERE.  I purchased the fabric in-store at Walmart by Waverly Inspirations at a super affordable price of five dollars a yard!!


Instructions for Abstract Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Start by spray painting the lids in a well-ventilated area.  I recommend laying newspaper or cardboard outside and giving the lids one to two even coats of paint.  While waiting for the lids to dry use the cap as a template. Place the cap on top of the fabric then trace around it and cut it out. Once the lids are dry put a bead of glue around the inside of each lid and place the cut fabric face down inside the lid.  Press along the edges of the fabric and lid so it is glued in place. Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry then put a bead of glue around the outer edge of the lid. Add a long piece of ribbon on top of the glue and double knot the ends together after wrapping around the lid.  Next tie the two ends of the ribbon together for hanging.

Hang the ornaments on a lit or unlit Christmas tree.  The ornaments add sparkle to the tree when hung in front of the lights.  Or give one as a gift wrapped around a Christmas present.

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