2018 interior design trends

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Well, here we are friends, in a new year!  With the flip of the calendar comes a new set of interior design trends. There's something about a new year that makes the idea of a fresh look for my home so appealing. While I do not believe in following trends from year to year or change my style to what seems to be "in" I do like to use trends in my home that work with my style.  If you're ready to start a new project in your home and are curious about what's trending consider the following interior design trends for 2018.
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If you're dreaming of a home makeover or moving into a new home, trends are a great way to see what is new and discover something you didn't know existed.  Here are a few interior design trends that caught my eye for 2018:


The trend this year in kitchen design is a shift to warm tones and bold colors. You will see lots of natural wood and richer hues like wood stained cabinets and painted cabinets in navy, dark gray and black. This trend I struggle with because I like bright and airy spaces.  One way to embrace the look of a dark kitchen is with two tone cabinets. Use white or natural wood for the upper cabinets and shelving with dark or colorful lower cabinets to ground the space.


This one I really like.  If you're looking to make a statement with your home decor matte black is where it's at.  Use this finish in bathrooms and kitchens with light fixtures and hardware.


Gorgeous, bold large graphic floral and geometric prints in high-contrast colors can be seen on upholstery, drapery, wallpaper, area rugs, throw blankets, throw pillows, dishware, and artwork.


Furniture is taking a turn from sharp edges to a more modern feminine form with curves that hug around you.


In home decor, we are seeing handmade or handpainted items like pottery and textured linens, which offer an organic aesthetic. 



The Pantone color of the year is UltraViolet.  Other intense colors that are trending are green, bright blue and fuchsia.  Whether or not you are a fan of these bold colors it's an opportunity to discover something new and perhaps discover something that you didn't even know you liked.


Herringbone parquet flooring is a high-end look that brings Old World European charm to your home. It's a great way to make a statement in a small room or entry.  To run it through an entire home could be expensive and even look too busy, keep this trend in one room.


A floating vanity is the type of vanity that has the plumbing components tucked under a skirt made of stone, wood or another material.  It visually simplifies the entire counter and vanity area and frees up floor space which makes a bathroom feel more open. Styles can range from traditional to modern.

The design decisions that we make should represent who we are and not someone else.  Interior design trends are simply a way of giving us options to discover what is new on the market. Using interior design trends in your home doesn't have to be expensive.  You can pick one trend, add a few new accessories and change the paint color.  This way your home gets a new look at a low cost.

Tell me what's big on your design list this year?  Do you have a favorite trend that you want to try next?
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