How To Pick The Perfect Dining Table

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The dining table is the main essential for the room where you gather with your family and friends, so not only do you want to make sure it is a good fit for the room, you will want it to fit your style and enhance the design of your home.

When choosing the right size table you need to first consider the size and shape of your space.  Is your dining room a traditional space or are you carving out space in an open concept kitchen and family room?  Dining tables come in many shapes and sizes, so let's explore a few and narrow down one that is right for you.

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Rectangular dining tables are the most common because most dining rooms have a rectangular shape. If you need to seat more than four people at a time this would be a good choice.  Ideally, rectangular tables should be between 36 to 42 inches wide to ensure enough room for place settings and food.

Design Tip:  Use benches for tight spaces. Simply use long benches instead of chairs.  This allows you to push each bench under the table when not in use to create more space.  



Square tables are a good solution for apartment dwellers or anyone living in a small space.  They are also perfect if you are only seating two to four people.

Design Tip: Square-shaped rooms look best with a square-shaped dining table.  If entertaining more than four people opt for a table that you can expand with extensions.  Or group two square tables together to create a larger seating arrangement for special occasions. 


Round dining tables look good in any shape room and are perfect for small gatherings. They feel casual because there is no head of the table and they allow everyone at the table to easily converse with one another.   We recently switched out our rectangular dining table for round and we are loving the cozy vibe it provides.

Design Tip:  Just like the square table, round tables can be purchased with extensions for when you plan on seating more than four people. 


Oval dining tables will bring a unique visual interest to your room.  Their rounded corners create the illusion that they occupy less space and their curves help to counter angular lines on other design elements in the room.

Design Tip:  If you have a narrow or small room and occasionally need to seat more people, you might want to consider an oval dining table.



After deciding what shape dining table you want you will need to pick a size.  Here is a reference guide to help you. 

Size                                               Rectangular & Oval                        Round & Square          

 4 feet (48 inches)                          4 people                                             4 people

 5 feet (60 inches)                          6 people                                             6 people

 6 feet (72 inches)                          6 people                                             6 people

 8 feet (96 inches)                          8 people                                             not a typical size

10 feet (120 inches)                     10 people                                             not a typical size

Two feet is the amount of table space needed for each person at the table to eat comfortably.  The table needs to be at least 36 inches wide to allow enough space for food and place settings.

It's important to measure the table-to-wall space when deciding on your table dimensions and size.  Try to leave at least two feet of space between your dining chairs (pushed out) and the walls of your dining room.

Pay attention to proportions. Dining chairs should be proportional to your dining table.  You don't want your chairs to be too large or too small.  If you have dining chairs with arms, the arms should fit easily under the dining table when the chairs are pushed in.  This will guarantee that your dining chairs can be properly stored under the table when not in use.

Deciding on the right dining table doesn't have to be complicated or stressful.  Choosing the right size and shape dining table for your home only requires a few basic measurements that are ideal for your space.

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