How To Create A Breakfast Nook

in , by Julie Nichols, June 17, 2019
Hello sweet friends!  Is a breakfast nook on your dream house wish list?  It is for me!  There is something so cozy and inviting about them.  Creating one in your home isn't hard to do, all you need is an empty corner or alcove in or near your kitchen.  

I created two different breakfast nook design ideas using the same space in my dining area.  I usually start by selecting the space I want to work with and move from there.  In this case, I used the space in front of a window.


Take a close look at your kitchen space to see where you can create a breakfast nook.  How about using a corner?  Corners provide space without taking away the usability of your kitchen.  Is there a window in your kitchen?  Place a table and some chairs in front of it and you instantly have a breakfast nook.  Add lighting, an area rug, and accessories to complete the space.

If space is really tight, use a comfy chair and side table to create a coffee nook in an alcove or in front of a window.  The aesthetic of your breakfast nook can be as extravagant or as casual as you see fit.

Pick Your Space and Furniture

                                           Design One

For the longest time, I have envisioned this sunny space in front of the window as a cozy spot for a breakfast nook.  I thought a round table would be a better fit than a rectangular one.  Round tables are a great choice for tight spaces because of their small footprint and rounded shape. Round tables are a good option for families with young children or grandchildren because there are no sharp edges.  Plus the round shape creates a friendly environment for conversation.

I kept the blue and white transferware plates on the wall.  Well, I tried to keep them on the wall...Unfortunately, in the midst of changing things around (mainly the curtains) I broke the platter and one of the plates.  Luckily I'm a hoarder of blue and white transferware and had extra plates in storage.
I love that it is now a simple, happy space and the bouquet of flowers on the table just makes it even happier.  With a large window, nearby plenty of sunshine enters the space. It's the perfect nook for casual dinners and Sunday morning breakfast.

The round table was a yard sale find and had an ugly laminate top when I purchased it for $5.00.  I refinished the entire table with bright white paint.  Click on the link below to learn how to paint laminate to withstand spills.

If you're having trouble incorporating a full breakfast nook in your kitchen, having a designated seating area is a great place to start.  Here the same space is used as a lounge area. I call it the coffee nook. To create this look, simply replace a dining table with a small banquette, loveseat, or comfortable chair and use a bench with a tray on top to hold drinks.  The wicker love seat, soft pillows, and flowers add to the casual ambiance of this breakfast nook.  

Decorate With White Wicker Furniture For Winter

Whether you go cozy, bold, or try something sleek and modern breakfast nooks are a great way to create an informal oasis to start your day.  The fun part with including a breakfast nook in your kitchen is decorating it!  Here are a few of my favorite furniture ideas to help you get started on your little oasis.  

Storage Galore

This breakfast nook is so bright and breezy!  The multifunctional furniture is perfect for small spaces. 

Lounge Style

This breakfast nook has a cozy farmhouse vibe the perfect spot to lounge here for hours!

Sleek and Modern 

Find comfort and function with a three-piece Mid-Century module banquette.  The seating modules are easy to customize and arrange to fit any breakfast nook. Choose from ten different fabrics and five different colors! 

Apartment Style 

If you live in an apartment building that is lacking space for a breakfast nook, opt for a pub-style set. This option is still intimate and cozy and will not crowd your kitchen.

Adding art to the walls makes the space even cozier.  Check out my collection of photography HERE. The featured photograph in the image below is called "BEYOND" and can be purchased HERE.

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