Originated on Long Island, New York The Hamptons interior design style represents an elegant, relaxed coastal living, it comes with a hint of luxury under clean lines with ocean beach colors.  Classic architectural design features include high pitched or coffered ceilings with exposed beams, wood floors, neutral and ocean-inspired colors, natural materials, and lots of natural light.  When you walk into a Hampton's home you're likely to encounter a bright and airy space with details in accessories borrowed from natural seaside elements like driftwood, seashells, and beautifully colored beach glass.


So how exactly can you achieve The Hamptons style for your home?  It all comes down to choosing the right furniture, textures, and colors.  My design formula? Combine modern with classic and elegant with simple. 

The Color Palette:  The Hamptons-style interior has a predominately neutral color palette with crisp white walls and warm tones of sand, cream, and ivory.  These neutral tones are complemented by colors related to the ocean like navy blue and white, soft blues, green, and turquoise.

These are the colors that you should be implementing in order to achieve a true Hamptons feel throughout your home.  For example, the room below is painted crisp white, the rug and coffee table bring in the warm neutral tones and the accessories add an eye-catching dimension to the style. 


You can also bring in ocean colors through artwork.  Fill your walls with ocean prints and enjoy scenes of blue skies and waves inside your Hamptons-style home. 

Textures:  Mix a variety of textures into your space to create a relaxed and elegant Hamptons feel.  Layer rugs in natural fibers of jute and sisal or woven with textures of natural cotton or wool.  If you prefer carpet, look to natural tones and simple textures that evoke sandy shores. Use rattans, linen, and woods in the same beach palette all layered together to achieve a living space perfect for your Hampton's Style home.  In my living room (featured below) I anchored the living space with a wool rug and used a sisal rug in the entry.


Here I mixed a variety of textures and colors to achieve a relaxed and elegant Hampton style.

The artwork behind the sofa is called This Way to Summer.


Furniture:  Combine modern and classic style pieces in your space.  Hampton-style furniture is designed to be comfortable and welcoming with beautiful finishes and a range of different textures.  Slipcovered and neutral upholstered oversized sofas are often found in a Hamptons home.   Make sure to dress your sofa up with throw pillows.


The Hamptons Style is timeless and will work anywhere even if you're not near the ocean. 

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