Design Trends That Stand The Test Of Time

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Hi sweet friends, I'm glad you stopped by!  It's hard to believe that it's 2020 already.  I want to share with you some of the best design trends that stand the test of time. Certain design trends seem to return again and again or never go out of style.  Maybe these trends will surprise you and perhaps inspire you for a new look and fresh feel for your space this year.  I've been looking around my home and wondering what to do to bring it into the new year without spending a lot to make it look fresh.  I like to look to design trends for refreshing a space, and often choose designs that are simple, functional, and balanced.  There are endless ways to create a timeless design, but if you're not sure where to start, I made a list of 10 ideas with links that will help.  Remember, classic design elements always look good!


Art is an easy way to refresh a room and simple to change out!  Even if your furniture or paint colors get a little outdated, you can always update your art.  There's nothing more timeless than beautiful photography or art pieces that you know you'll continue to love for years to come. 

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A timeless palette that has stood the test of time!  Blue and white porcelain patterns strike a perfect balance between casual and refined.  Layer different patterns and textures for a fresh spin on these sophisticated showpieces.

If you're looking to refresh your bedroom invest in white bedding, it's kind of like checking into your own 5-star hotel.  You can keep it simple and opt for white decor accents or liven it up with bright pops of color.

Yes, you heard that right. I personally love the material because it can be cozy and stylish.  Rattan furniture has a way of adding organic appeal, and a breezy laid back vibe that fits in beautifully with most surroundings.  Furniture designers are getting creative with eye-catching accent pieces like the ones featured above.

Wicker has evolved in fresh and exciting ways whether in tables, lighting, or chairs.  This budget-friendly material is the perfect layer to balance traditional and modern styles. I particularly like how it is used in lighting. 

If lighting updates are on your agenda this year, swapping out lighting can be the easiest design change to make in your home.  I particularly like mixed material pieces that serve equal parts style and function.


At home in a traditional house or a contemporary one, sisal rugs come in every pattern and color under the sun.  They are practical, stylish, and best of all long-lasting and budget-friendly. 

Wide-Plank Oak Floors

Wide-plank oak floors have been around for a long time.  They were used in early houses out of necessity but are now used in kitchens, bedrooms, and family rooms to create a feeling of coziness and ease. They offer a classic look that's easily integrated with many design aesthetics. 

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds no longer need to be draped in heavy fabrics and chunky headboards.  Modern versions are made with metal, acrylic, and sleek upholstered frames. Now is the time to make your canopy bed dreams come true.

Oversized Mirrors

Mirrors are fun to decorate with and with a little creativity they can easily be the show-stopping piece in your room.  They are functional pieces that act as both art and decor.  Instead of art, try an oversized mirror for a focal point in your room.

The most important advice I can give you is this: The designs that will genuinely stand the test of time are the ones that fit your lifestyle and that you'll still be happy with 20 years or so down the road.  Design trends that truly stand the test of time aren't based on passing fads they are based on these three principles: simple, functional, and balanced with the environment.

Simple: Think quality not quantity. A timeless design isn't cluttered or over the top, it's simple and straightforward with one or two main focal points in the room.

Functional:  No matter what decade you are in you want a home that is actually meant to be lived in. A timeless home is comfortable now, 20 years ago or 20 years in the future.

Balanced With The Environment: Everything is in proportion in a timeless design. For example, a large overstuffed sofa with heavy furniture pieces in a tiny room just doesn't look balanced.

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