How To Upcycle A Soap Dispenser Into A Vase

in , by Julie Nichols, January 21, 2020
Hi friends, Today I am happy to share with you a super easy upcycle project using a soap dispenser (of all things.)  If you recently cleaned out a closet in your home and found an old soap dispenser, don't throw it away, instead upcycle it into a pretty vase!

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Inexpensive Sources For Soap Dispensers:

You can buy soap dispensers at the dollar store, thrift stores, or find them at garage sales.  Would you believe I purchased this soap dispenser at a garage sale for a dollar!  Seriously you can't beat that!  I fell in love with the mother-of-pearl tiles on the bottle, but not so much with the dull silver finish.


If your soap dispenser needs a little TLC, you can always clean it up and use spray paint to renew the finish. 

Before you begin to spray paint remove the pump from the bottle by twisting it off.  To remove the metal plate, wedge a thin screwdriver underneath the plate and lift it, it should pop right off.  If you are struggling to remove the plate with the screwdriver you can wrap the dispenser in newspaper or painter's tape and spray paint the plate attached to the bottle.

Pro Tip for Spray Painting:

Place your object on top of a tin can, this prevents the edges from sticking or the spray paint from pooling around the object you are spraying.

Spray paint the pump with the same color spray paint.  (This is an extra step, but it will allow you to turn the vase back into a soap dispenser at a moment's notice.)  For help holding the pump, slide it inside the lid of a plastic container and spray.  This will ensure all of the sides get covered.

After the spray paint has dried you can glue the metal plate back onto the dispenser.

Fill the dispenser with water and fresh blooms from your yard!  Or if your flowers aren't blooming until spring, purchase a bouquet at the grocery store.  You can split the bouquet up to use in many different vases in your home.

If you get tired of using the vase, you can always return it back to its original purpose as a soap dispenser.

There you have it, a super easy upcycle project that can be done in one day!  

If you enjoyed this project be sure to check out my REPURPOSE AND UPCYCLE PAGE for more ideas!

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