Pretty Storage Solutions To Organize Your Home

in , , by Julie Nichols, January 14, 2020
Welcome back to a new week, friends, I hope you had a good weekend!  My husband and I took advantage of the unusually warm weather and took a drive to the beach for some playtime with our dog B. 

I also spent time organizing my office and bookcases. It felt so good to clear the clutter and start fresh!  Usually, after one room is organized I feel encouraged to tackle another.  The next room I'd like to tackle is the kitchen, I would love to get the items that are stored in the cabinets and drawers under control.  My goal for this year is to organize one room at a time until I have the entire house organized.

To help with my goal I turned to Amazon.  I am always in the market for pretty storage solutions to organize our home and found some sensible organizing products that happen to be pretty too!  Here is a round-up of my favorites.

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Storage Baskets With Cotton Rope Handle
Keep bookcases nice and tidy with six collapsible storage bins.  These durable bins are an ideal storage solution for the laundry room, nursery, office, and bathroom.  The neutral colors can match many home styles.  

Aluminum Bowls
These just took my breath away!  The smaller-sized bowls would be perfect for an entryway table to hold keys, sunglasses, and a wallet. The larger sizes are great for the kitchen countertop as a centerpiece to hold fruit or as a decorative planter for herbs.

During the winter months, we are in our pj's by nine and binge-watching NetFlix. Can you relate? This pretty piece is perfect on a coffee table to corral all those things you need while relaxing on the sofa.  Plus it's easy to keep clean, just wipe with a damp sponge. 

This pretty tray would be great on the bathroom counter to keep your beauty and skincare products organized.  It would also look great in the office on top of your desk or bookcase to keep papers organized.

Seagrass Belly Baskets

What can I say about these?  They are so darn cute and I love them as a pretty planter, but they can also be used to store many other things like blankets and logs or even laundry.  

Cotton Rope Basket

I love everything about this basket because I'm a sucker for blue and white and items with texture.  Store blankets, pillows, towels, clothing, pet toys, laundry and so much more!  This pretty basket will make your home more organized and stylish too. Don't you just love the leather handles?!

I love these for storing king-size comforters and seasonal clothing.  Use them under the bed or on a shelf in the closet. They keep the dust-out, have a transparent top so you can see what's inside, and zips for opening and closing.

Why is it that pantry food items look better in these streamlined containers?  These airtight containers will keep your pantry more organized and keep your food fresher longer. Plus the clear container makes it easy to see what needs replacing.

A pretty alternative to plastic is bamboo wood.  This set includes five boxes in different sizes. Organize any drawer in your home including the junk drawer!  Use in the kitchen, bathroom, craft room even the shed!

No more shuttling items back and forth between floors!  Just tose them inside the stair basket and they're are out of sight!  At the end of the day make one trip up the stairs to return the items.

  A  Covered Storage Basket is a good solution for hiding clutter. Use one on a shelf like I did in the styled photo below or stack them for decoration.  Even the smallest organizing project can bring a sense of accomplishment and peace.  If you have plans to purge and organize your entire home don't let yourself get overwhelmed, break it down into small spaces one at a time, it's easier to manage.

I added a Storage And Organization List to my Amazon Storefront with a lot more pretty storage solution products to organize your home.  Find my store HERE.

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