Hello friends, I hope you are doing well!  Did you know one of the easiest ways to purify the air in your home and add a happier vibe, is with plants?  I searched on Amazon for plants to brighten up our home and found a few favorites that I want to share with you. Since we are spending more time inside our home I picked plants that are easy to care for and can purify the stuffy indoor air. I feel right now more than ever we need the lush green of nature inside, don't you think?  

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Looking for ideas on how to decorate with these easy to care for plants?  Read further on for 10 ideas to try.  

1.  Create a cozy spot next to a window 

Carve out a corner in a room with a comfy chair and plants placed in front of a window.  I recently tried this in my office and I love it!

The bedroom is the perfect place to use plants.  They clean the air and might even help you to get a good night's sleep.

I love this creative idea with a plant hanging from a curtain rod.  Perfect for renters (no holes to patch up when you move).   

2.  Or next to a door in the kitchen

Use the lush color of green to bring life to an all-white kitchen.   

3.  In your living spaces

A large snake plant next to a sofa is a lovely option.

Add a tropical feel to an open-concept living area.


Let your plants grow wild!  The golden pothos plant and ivy plants tend to grow long and fast and look great when hung up properly indoors. 

Go for a spider plant to liven up an area for entertaining and combine with a photograph of the ocean or other nature.


The most common way to decorate with plants is to use them on the coffee table. 


4.  On Bookshelves

If you don't want to fill your whole house with plants, use just a few planters here and there combined with other objects.  Get creative and use cups, bowls, and glass jars to place your plants in.  As long as there is a small ray of sunshine they can thrive.

5. On Window Sills

If you're not really into taking care of a whole jungle try adding a small plant on your window sill.

Or take a clipping from a plant and re-root it in a glass jar with water.  The Golden Pothos is easy to re-root!  This is a super-easy way to brighten up a space with greenery with little care.  Not only is this an economical idea, but it is also very sculptural and you can watch the roots grow. ☺

6. Repurpose old furniture for your plants

A great idea to display plants is with a DIY project like this small wooden shelf.  Place it on the wall as a centerpiece to get all your guest talking.

7.  Display in pretty containers in a grouping of one or two

Prop a plant on top of a stool instead of a plant stand.  

A dropleaf table is a good idea for tiny spaces. Placed in front of a window it does double duty for dining and for displaying plants.  

8. In The Bathroom

Plants help improve the decor and promote clean air in the bathroom so try one or two or more.  Use plants that can tolerate the humidity like Ferns, aloe vera, snake, and spider plants. 

9. In Your Workspace

Contribute wellness to your workspace no matter where you work from.  

10. Get Crafty

Create a terrarium in a glass jar

Tuck stems inside a napkin ring

If you give your plants a little tender loving care they will thrive.

To all my sweet friends....sending you love, light, and all the fresh air! ♡

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