The Easiest Way To Hang An Awkward Sized Print

in , by Julie Nichols, June 01, 2020

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In my previous post (Refresh Your Home With Wall Decor), I was undecided on which wall I should hang my canvas print and I am here today to show you the end result.  Hanging gorgeous prints and artwork can transform blank walls, but framing them can be time-consuming.  I took this photograph while on a day trip with my family and recently had it enlarged and printed on canvas. Unfortunately, it's an awkward size and does not fit inside a picture frame. 

If you have an awkward-sized print, and want to display it on your wall but are wondering how to hang it to make it look stylish, I have a solution. The easiest way to hang an awkward-sized print and make it look stylish is with a magnetic print frame. I purchased mine on Amazon.


This is the blank wall I decided to hang my canvas print on. It's the ideal spot because it faces the living spaces in our home, which means I get to look at it every day!  This is the magnetic print frame I purchased.  If you are not familiar with this type of frame, they are crafted from wood with hidden magnets that hold your print in place and have an attached rope that allows it to hang in style. Here is a quick tutorial on how it works.

The frame consists of four wooden strips embedded with magnets. Separate the wood strips by simply pulling them apart. Then place the wood part face down, exposing the magnets.

Line up your print along the edges of the wood strips to make sure everything is straight.  You can eyeball this or use a level.  Then place the print on top of the magnetic side (top and bottom).

Now lay the other wood strips ontop. The magnets will attract and snap in place. That's it, so easy!  I think this took me less than 5 minutes to put together. ☺

I took a side picture to show you how narrow and sleek this frame is. The magnets are strong and hold my canvas print tightly in place. The top strip is mounted to the wall using the attached leather rope.  The bottom strip grips the bottom of the print and acts as a weight.

An oversized print, when hung on a wall, creates clean lines resulting in a modern sophistication for your home and when displayed in its ideal spot brings joy and satisfaction.☺

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