The Benefits Of Letter Writing

in , by Julie Nichols, October 05, 2020

Do you remember the last time you received a handwritten note and the joy it brought to you?  It's so easy to keep up with people now through texts, emails, and social media. Am I right? We do it every day. You text with distant relatives, send emails to acquaintances, and have friends on Facebook. With all that messaging, we lose some of that personal touch. There is something about writing your words out by hand on paper, sealing it in an envelope, and sending it off in the mail that makes the whole message more enjoyable and personal. If you want to join me in my attempts to ditch the digital and write letters again, I put together a brief overview of the benefits letter writing has for you and included some fun supplies to use.

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  1. You get to practice your handwriting. 
  2. You feel more in touch with the person you are communicating with.
  3. You get to play with all your fun stationery supplies.
  4. You get to slow down for a moment to just breathe and write.
Whether you like your handwriting or are embarrassed with it, "slow" letter writing can open your channels of creativity. Your thought process expands and you might even feel more productive and happy. It's a lot easier to really communicate, I think because Notifications popping up from emails and text really distract my train of thought. 

Set your writing environment by keeping all of your writing supplies close by. I think there is a huge benefit to just sitting down in your favorite spot with nothing but smooth paper, a beautiful pen, and a message to send to your recipient. Take time to think about the person you are writing to. Sit in deep thought in silence or play soft music, slowly sip a cup of coffee or tea while gathering your thoughts. Make your environment calming with a scented candle or essential oil


In the art of letter writing, stationery is your canvas. Have you ever received a letter written on thin notebook paper and could not read it because it was smudged?  If you're going to become a letter-writing artist,☺you're going to need sturdy stationery, pretty envelopes, and cool stamps.  Buying stationery that is well-made and beautiful will make practicing this craft all the more enjoyable. Plus stationery that is sturdy will hold up better in transit, and make your writing easy to read. You'll want to purchase stationery in a few different sizes for notes and letters of various lengths.  I provided for you some of my favorite note cards below that are in my SHOP

A fountain pen is a lovely tool to use for letter writing. (I think you might like this one ) Using one requires a little practice but provides several benefits. A fountain pen glides easily across the page, allowing you to write for hours without tiring your hand, plus the writing from a fountain pen adds a hint of class and sophistication that you can't get with a regular pen.  

This is a tradition that goes back to royal roots when kings and dignitaries used wax seals to keep communication confidential.  Well, now of course you don't need to put a wax seal on your envelope, but if you like crafting this might be a fun thing to try. The benefit is they look really beautiful, are fun to play with, and will make your recipient feel more special. 

Writing a letter is therapeutic, it takes longer than a digital message but it is so worth it for you and the person you are writing to. You can try your new stationery, cool new tools, and get to enjoy the simple pleasure of writing a letter again.  I know not everybody has free time to write a letter, when it boils down to it, we all have our own way of writing letters, and I hope you find joy or peace in writing yours.  


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