How I'm Styling My Home For Fall

in , by Julie Nichols, September 27, 2021

Now that the glorious days of summer are gone, I plan on using what is left in the garden to style my home for fall.  We have a tiny garden in the yard just off of our patio. Over the summer the garden was full of red tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs such as oregano, sage, chives, and lavender. I called it the salad garden, it was absolutely wonderful to have!  


I love to decorate with natural pieces.  It is early in the fall season so I thought I would use the unripened tomatoes and the herbs from the garden for fall decor. I keep my garden shears in the kitchen drawer so I always have quick access to them.  

While I am in the garden I am thinking of ideas on how I will use the herbs and tomatoes. The green tomatoes will look pretty styled in a vase with flowers or in a simple wooden bowl. The herbs will be clipped and used in arrangements and dried for cooking fall and winter meals.  


Here are my simple ideas that are thoughtful and easy to execute:

If there is one thing that can transform your home, it's bringing flowers inside.  A simple arrangement of hydrangeas, tomatoes, and herbs in an antique pitcher brings such a sense of beauty, happiness, and life to a room.  I created this one in a matter of 5 minutes.


I love using my antique wooden bowl to display fruit and vegetables. Here it holds a combination of tomatoes and vines. How adorable are the cute little green tomatoes?  Incorporating the vines into this arrangement adds a delicate interest to the wooden bowl. To keep the vines from wilting I use floral water tubes tucked underneath the tomatoes. This simple arrangement looks pretty on a dining table or buffet. 


Adding textural pieces in earthy colors has a way of easing the elements of fall together in a low fuss way.



Having unusual styled pieces stimulates curiosity and conversation. In this vignette, I used texture and touch to tell a story from the antique binoculars, the case in earthy colors, and the leather-bound antique books. 


As some of you might know I have an online shop and what I make available in the shop I live with the additions first.  This way I can test them out to see how I feel with them in my space, but, most importantly, to find out if I would have them in your home?  


Above: Breakthrough on canvas in a floating frame

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope that you've gained some sort of inspiration and that you find some joy within your home whether that be in the garden or styling your home for fall. 

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