Spider Webs Around The House

October 31, 2013, in


Hi everyone it looks like Halloween around here.  I took these pictures a month or so ago and thought I would share them with you.

This large web was just outside my front door 


  I grabbed my camera and took some photos

 I don't like spiders but wow can they weave a pretty web


Saturday's Find Part II

October 29, 2013,


I finally finished my redo on this little table I picked up for a dollar.  I am going to call it my little experiment.                                       

 Remember how it looked when I first brought it home?  You can read about that little story here.                                  

Here is how the transformation took place

I sanded first then painted.   I used leftover paint and a staining mixture of vinegar and steel wool for the legs.

I mixed my free-B paint from Lowe's with leftover white paint from my daughter's bedroom redo.
(Hopefully, I'll be sharing that with you someday... still a work in progress)

To Paint

Turn the piece over
Paint The Legs First
I use a foam brush (just because I find it easier & the paint & stain go on smooth.)
If the piece of furniture I am working on is small I like to turn it upside-down and paint the legs first.
This way you can cover the entire leg.
After the legs are dry I flip it over and paint the rest.
I used a mix of the Ultra White paint and the Cathedral Stone for the legs and painted the top with 
Cathedral Stone paint only.
I sanded the edges of the legs.

I waited a day or two for it to be completely dry

 I aged the piece with acrylic paint.  (My Very First Time Doing This) Gulp
You can purchase these at Walmart or Michaels Craft Store
I chose dark colors for the aged look & one light color just in case it came to dark

For Aging You Need:
1.  acrylic paint 
2.  paint brush  (not foam)
3.  damp rag
4.  dry rag
5.  rubber gloves & hand cream to protect your pretty hands

I used the Pavement color first on the front where the embellishment is. It is a very dark color almost black. I wiped most of it off with a damp cloth & left some in the corners.
Then I went over it with the Gray color to lighten it up.  The Gray has blue undertones which gave it a nice layered look that I really like.
Next, I dabbed & brushed the Burnt Umber paint on the legs and the top of the table.  
Just certain parts hitting mostly on the edges, then I rubbed it in with my rag and wiped it with the damp rag. I kept doing this until I was happy with the look.
Next, I dabbed the crevices of the legs with the Raw Umber paint.
I did the same for the top.
If you try this, don't worry the acrylic paint wipes right off.  You don't need to cry or you can if you have to.  I did a couple of times.  Just kidding!

My last step was:
Put a little Paste Wax on the top to protect it

And this on your hands to protect them

This should be the official hand cream for DIY bloggers

And here it is! 

A close up of the top, the embellishment & the legs

Here you can see a peek of the blue showing through

Side View


Hope you liked my little experiment

My Rusty Find

October 21, 2013, in
Hi, sweet friends I am back with another great Saturday find.  This has to be one of my all-time favorites!  I have been looking for a scale for a few years and I finally found one at an Estate Sale.  Don't get me wrong I have seen these all over the place but they always had a hefty price or missing a part.  When I tell you what I paid for this beauty you are going to fall off your chair.
Are you ready.....drum roll please.............................................$7.00!!!!

Right now I have it hanging off the crown molding in my kitchen.  

It says capacity 20 lbs.
I think that will hold a lot of apples 

I love the rusty face 

And the green patina on the side

Hopefully, it will have a home in my kitchen hanging on a proper hook and not dangling from the molding. 


Shadow Play With Molly

October 17, 2013,
Hi everyone, let me introduce Molly. She is the 5-year-old mixed breed that we adopted from our local Animal Shelter when she was 6 weeks old.  She is part Beagle and Boxer with a whole lot of Human in her.  Watch out she has a passion for giving kisses.

MOLLY 6 Weeks Old

Molly 5 years old

She loves her morning walks!  She is such an amazing dog we can walk without a leash and she will never run away.

  This particular morning I brought along my camera and had some fun taking pictures of our shadows.

 We turned into giants

 kissing her shadow

She is our sweetheart!

Saturday's Find Part One

October 14, 2013, in
Happy Columbus Day!  On most weekends I enjoy going to garage and estate sales in my neighborhood.  There are so many this time of year.  My favorite one is a  farm just up the street from my house.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day as I drove up the long dirt driveway, parked my car, and walked past the beautiful organic vegetable gardens, past the chickens, roosters, and pigs.

I arrived at a lovely Farm House with a lot of small items for sale.  I was looking for a table that I could redo and use as a coffee table in my living room.

As I was ready to leave I spotted a small group of furniture.  There was one piece that caught my eye. It was a small brown end table without a price on it. So I asked... how much for that brown table? The owner of the farm said it was $1.00.  Wow, are you kidding me? (that was my mind talking I didn't say that out loud).  I thought she was going to say $5, $10 or even $15, not a dollar.  She practically gave it to me and even offered to help me put it in my car.

Here it is in my driveway you can see the top of it is really scratched up

I got so excited I forgot to grab my camera before I started sanding. 

 Sometimes I get involved in a project and forget to grab the ole camera.
You see it is in pretty bad shape.

This little table is very heavy and solid

I like the flower design on the side.  It was a nice surprise because I didn't notice it when I bought it.

Even though the legs seem to be in good condition (but very dirty) I decided to sand the whole thing.
My idea was to just sand it and not paint or stain it again.  I was going for that raw natural wood look that is very popular now.  Sadly to say after I finished sanding it the wood was dirty looking and ugly.  It just didn't turn out the way I wanted.  So I guess I'll be painting it.

I'm 6 months old!!  October marks my 6 month anniversary for my blog!!  I have learned a lot and met so many nice people along the way. Will you celebrate with me?  Please gather around my table, make yourself at home, feel free to grab some apples, and enjoy the tour.

I purchased roses & apples for a simple table setting.

My favorite part of blogging is taking pictures.  I think it is so much fun looking through the lens and setting up the objects.  I love looking at decorating magazines and all the pretty pictures of homes.  I wish I could jump inside one and pretend I live there.  (just for a moment anyway)

Do you think of using roses to decorate for fall?   I picked these roses because of the colors. They are similar to the colors of the apples.  The roses give the table a fresh look.  The apples say it's fall.



Favorite Spot To Sit

Thanks for the visit hope you enjoyed the tour!

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