Antique Sewing Table

in , by Julie Nichols, March 31, 2014

       Picking Through The Trash 
                                                                      PART I
                        This antique sewing table was a freebie.
 It was at the curb for garbage pickup.

                        It is in disrepair but has the potential of becoming something really cool.                                          
I placed it in the living room/entryway of our home.

It is really beat up but I don't mind.  I love everything about it.

The top flips open and the drawer has three small compartments

aren't they neat?

Do you notice the chain hanging behind the tub cover?
I think it adds a little industrial charm.

My manager watching me from the stairs above
So serious

It's missing a piece of decorative wood.
 I'm sure I can figure something out on how to solve that.

I like the detail on the knobs.

I have two ideas for the location of this sewing table and how I might use it.:

#1:  Leave it where it is and use it as an entry table.
 #2:  Put it in the kitchen and use it as a planter for herbs or spring flowers.


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  1. I like the details on your freebie sewing table. What a great find! I have an old sewing table too but it's not nearly as cute. In fact, the top is in pretty bad condition. I just can't seem to part with it though because it belonged to my grandmother and I keep thinking it could be useful somewhere. I'm thinking of making a fabric cover/tablecloth like thing for it. Your excitement about where to use yours is inspiring. Maybe I should get busy on a cover for mine and figure out where to use it. :-)

  2. Hi Julie,

    I share your enthusiasm over this great find! I have one of these as well, from my MIL, complete with the treadle sewing machine. She preferred it over her electric one, and used it for years. Can't wait to see the finished product!


  3. Great find and great ideas as well!


  4. I'm working on one now, I decided to put short legs on and use it as a coffee table in my living room, great storage for remotes and little bits that I'm always having at hand for letter writing. SO I;m anxious to see what you decide to do. Love it, good luck.


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