Antique Sewing Table

in , by Julie Nichols, March 31, 2014

       Picking Through The Trash 
                                                                      PART I
                        This antique sewing table was a freebie.
 It was at the curb for garbage pickup.

                        It is in disrepair but has the potential of becoming something really cool.                                          
I placed it in the living room/entryway of our home.

It is really beat up but I don't mind.  I love everything about it.

The top flips open and the drawer has three small compartments

aren't they neat?

Do you notice the chain hanging behind the tub cover?
I think it adds a little industrial charm.

My manager watching me from the stairs above
So serious

It's missing a piece of decorative wood.
 I'm sure I can figure something out on how to solve that.

I like the detail on the knobs.

I have two ideas for the location of this sewing table and how I might use it.:

#1:  Leave it where it is and use it as an entry table.
 #2:  Put it in the kitchen and use it as a planter for herbs or spring flowers.


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