Decor Plan For The Dining Room

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Hi friends, I hope you had a relaxing weekend!  I've been busy working on the decor plan for the dining room. As you may already know I am decorating our dining room from scratch.  I put together two mood boards using my favorite design elements pulled from the inspiration rooms.  In case you're wondering what a mood board is it is a collage of images, colors, and textures that define the style of a project. So what is the style of this project?  It is Coastal, farmhouse with a rustic modern edge.  Take a look and tell me what you think? My affiliate links for the furniture and accessories are included at the bottom of each mood board. 

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Similar Accent Chair                        Similar Wall Art                     Dining Chairs      

Table Lamps                                     Sideboard                                  Similar Ceiling Light     

Similar Area Rug                       White Round Dining Table     

Here is the dining room I am working on with a list of needs and wants for this space.


1.  A smaller dining table. Rustic with a darker finish or maybe round and white.

2.  Four upholstered dining chairs must be comfortable!

3.  An area rug placed under the table

4.  A sideboard

5.  Wall sconces

6. New ceiling fan

7. Art

8.  I want the room to be inviting, light and airy with a comfortable modern edge.



Rustic Dining Table                                Dining Chairs                                 Blue Area Rug

Similar Wall Sconce                                Wall Art                              Sideboard


The modern simplicity of this dining room mixed with the rustic dining table in a natural tone is beautiful.  I love the all white color palette and the pop of black from the door and chairs.

This organic modern Scandinavian dining room stopped me in my tracks! It is the perfect mix of rustic and modern.  The white painted beams and exposed ceiling make this room bright and airy.  I love how the wood table is paired with the Eames-style chairs and how the table and chairs are positioned in front of the fireplace.

This coastal-inspired dining room stole my heart!  I love the oversized artwork, the matte black pendants, and the slipcovered chairs.


I would love to know which mood board you like best!  Just drop a 1 or 2 in the comments.  I am leaning more toward 1.


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