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Hi sweet friends, happy new year!  This year will mark my sixth year as an interior decor blogger, and the one thing that I've learned during the six years of helping others with their spaces is there are two times a year when it seems everyone gets excited to make changes to their home.  The first is September when the kids go back to school, and the second is in January after the holiday decorations are put away.

While some of the trends we saw last year are still going strong this year brings a new shift.  Based on styles, materials, furniture, patterns, and colors these are some of the main interior design trends to watch for in 2019.  Whether you are planning on a full home renovation or are just wanting to switch out your decor these simple yet sophisticated 2019 interior design trends will help your space develop in a new direction.  If you missed my 2018 interior/trends post, be sure to check that out, to see where we were and how we as consumers have transitioned through design trends and home decor.

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The bohemian style is here again, but with a vintage, modern twist and curved lines.   You will see a lot of mixing and matching of the bohemian style paired with traditional style, mid-century modern, and Morrocan.  A mixing of modern and vintage is what you will see this year.  The minimalistic style will continue because people are becoming more aware of their choices.  The difference this year is not having no stuff at all it's having value in the stuff you own with a cleaner aesthetic.  Art Deco is another style you will see in 2019.  It is a style of visual arts, architecture, and design.  Graphic patterns, sleek textures, and bold curves rule in this style.

Below you will find inspirational photographs of the different styles, materials, furniture, patterns, and colors that are on trend in 2019.  Above the photos are links for you to shop or leisurely browse. 




Traditional sustainable materials will hold value this year.  Materials such as glass, concrete, stone, terracotta, and terrazzo will make their way into home decor.  Terracotta tiles will replace the cool whites and neutral tones.  They will have a natural matte finish and will be used in floors and wall cladding.   Terrazzo usually seen in flooring will make a come back in an artistic manner.  This sustainable material will be used in home decor such as furniture, vases and for lighting solutions.

We will start to see more of the industrial-looking metals such as black steel or burnished metals.  Brass, silver and polished nickel are making a come back.  Marble remains trendy but will be used in a more casual and simple way mixed with metals.

We will see recycled handmade items constructed with natural materials or finished in natural tones.  Handmade glazed ceramics, colored vases and wooden vases. Other materials that we will see are ratan, wicker, jute, bamboo, and sisal.  DIY projects, vintage pieces, and folk art provide contrasting colors and patterns.  Fabric upholstery remains a strong trend and velvet will be the most sort after fabric. Once viewed as stuffy and old fashion it is now being used in today's modern homes.

Warm wood and warm tones will still be a trend in 2019 but we will see light wood floors in shades of light oak, birch, and beachy white.

Warm wood countertops in kitchens will be seen as well.

Acrylic furniture holds strong because it vibes with most style decor and the clear sturdy material works to make a room feel uncluttered.  


Expect to see curvilinear cuts in furniture.  If you've been needing to replace a piece of furniture and want to be trendy, maybe try a curved piece like a sofa or chair.  Small details like seams in upholstery will be popular.  Expect to see contrast piping, contrast stitching, and flanged seams.  Antiques will be drawing attention in 2019, they tell a story and add warmth to a modern space.

Upholstered headboards and footboards, covered in comfortable textiles will be trending as well as four-poster beds.  Multifunctional furniture, compact furniture, and oversized furniture will be on trend.    








There are a lot of exciting things happening this year with patterns.  Floral patterns in large bold prints and tropical prints with a twist.  Geometric and art deco patterns, retro, curvy lines and minimal are all new and fresh.



Warm and earthy colors will be replacing the minimalistic palette of the previous year. Warmer and bolder colors are here! This year we will see rich jewel tones and moody colors.  Bold indigo, dark teal, dark forest green, emerald green, tonal reds, and bold yellows are showing up.  Matte blacks and textured blacks will be very big.  Black and white will be in, a truly timeless design trend!  Bold pairing of colors; a combination of colors that do not naturally go together.  Blush as a neutral color will be in.  Use  90% white and 10% color in spaces.  The Pantone color of the year is Living Coral.




I hope these home interior trends have you excited to start your new design or decor project/projects.  If you have a vision of what you want your new space to look like but need help putting it together feel free to contact me through my  E-DECOR SERVICE.   Thank you for the visit and have a wonderful new year!


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