Are you having trouble styling a bookcase like you see in all those beautiful home decor magazines?  Styling a bookcase is an art, but a job easily tackled if you know how it's done right. With focus and time, it's possible to style a bookcase like a pro.

Wheater your style leans towards minimalism, rustic, or traditional here are a few simple steps to help your shelves appear interesting and uncluttered just like you see in your favorite magazine.

Items On Bookcase:

The Perfect Line Books / Natural Vase / Natural Vase / Plant On Mantel / Ocean Print Above Mantel


1.  Style from scratch - Clear everything off your shelves.  I know this takes extra time but you will get a much better result with the start of a blank canvas.

2.  Gather your items - This means frames, books, baskets, and items that have special meaning to you such as things that you have collected over time.  Be sure to add a few pieces that are on-trend!  This will help to give the bookcase a more up-to-date feel. Use baskets or decorative boxes on the bottom shelves where you can place everyday items that will allow for easy access, and keep things organized and uncluttered.

3. Start with the largest pieces first - I usually start from the center and move from side to side.  Large pieces can consist of vases and books. Line reading books up vertically or stack oversized books with pretty spines in groups of three. Tip... if you don't like the look of the spines turn the books around.  When I stack books I like to add an item on top.  This creates some interest and a bit more dimension.

4. Layer artwork and personal pictures - Mix a few personal framed photos. Refrain from adding too many since they can look more like clutter than items like woven baskets, plants, and vases. Incorporate paintings and prints in frames and lean them against the back of the bookcase and layer items in front of them slightly to the side.

5.  Create groupings - Think about height and put two to three different items together.  Group similar items as much as possible to showcase them as a collection. Add visual texture with accessories and vary the textures from shiny to matte, rough to spiky.  I like to do this with glass, plants, and driftwood.

6.  Create balance - You don't want anything too similar above or below each shelf.  Spread out similar items, and shift them around to create a little bit of white space.  For example, if you have a stack of books with a seashell on top, the next time that occurs on the bookcase shouldn't be above or below it in the same vertical line.  You can use one shelf for a feature item that you want to draw attention to. You will also want to note the color of the objects that you are displaying. If you decorate with color make sure to evenly spread the color throughout the bookcase for balance.

7.  Step back and look- You want to see everything, it's ok if you're not there yet.  You might have to do a little fine-tuning with things like color, balance, and scale. Shift things around and reevaluate you will get there. Keep your eyes on the overall composition and play around with things. If you have too many small items that look cluttered, try switching them out for a few larger pieces. If you step back and there's one item that sticks out like a sore thumb, remove it.

If you work hard, take your time and stay on task you will achieve a bookcase that looks interesting, uncluttered, and oh so effortlessly stylish like you just put it together in a matter of minutes.

Bring spring inside your home with these sweet mini planters.  Today I am sharing a DIY mother's day gift idea made from recycled cans.  This is a fun project to make with your kids or grandkids.

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Did you know you can turn a can into a pretty flower planter?  In just a couple of steps, you can add colorful decor to your home by repurposing an empty can of nuts.  These mini planters will make a great Mother's day gift, filled with her favorite plant or silk flowers.


Fake Flowers
or Live Plant

Peel the labels off of the cans


Use colorful fabric


Measure and cut the width of the fabric to fit around the can. 
  I chose a sunny yellow polka dot fabric.  Amazon has a nice selection to choose from.


Spray the adhesive on the fabric. 
If you are making these with children you might want to use


Place the cut fabric around the can.



Then measure and cut the ribbon.
Glue the ribbon around the top of the can.



There are so many fun ways to use these mini planters:  Place a live or fake flowering plant inside and put the lid on the bottom for added color.  If you plan on using a live plant, make sure to drill holes in the bottom of the can for drainage.  I cut the stems of silk flowers so they fit inside the can.


Some of the cans have different color lids.  
It is fun to change out the lids for a different look.


Or no lid at all


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DIY Fabric Jewelry Gift Box-Mother's Day Gift Idea

Hi, there friends, I'm so glad you stopped by!  Today I am sharing organizing ideas for glass front cabinets.  With a few simple steps, you can have clean, stylized glass cabinets in a matter of minutes.


Organizing Ideas For Glass Front Cabinets

I like to keep a clean house, When my house is orderly, I feel happy and can think clearly.  If you were to drop by my house unannounced, it would look pretty good.  But I do have a dirty little secret. I have a hard time keeping my kitchen cabinets and closets orderly.  The reason being is I am a collector.  Can you relate?  This is our glass front cabinet.  I know not everyone has an antique medical cabinet in their dining room, but I'm sure some of you might have glass cabinets in your kitchen or a hutch in your dining room.  What I like about glass cabinets is the same thing as what I don't have a clear view of what's inside.  Keeping them tidy is important and sometimes hard to do.  I decided it was time to pare down and simplify.  As painful as paring down can be, there's nothing quite like the feel of a lighter load!



Want to know how to get your glass cabinet in tip-top shape?  

 Follow my simple ideas for organizing glass front cabinets



The first thing you want to do is clear out your entire cabinet, place everything on top of your table, and edit, edit, edit. Editing is the most important part of organizing and often the most difficult because it means parting with some of your things.  




Once your cabinet is empty, go ahead and clean all of the shelves.  I used my homemade natural cleaner   If you would like to make your own natural cleaner click on the link to go to that post you will find free cleaning recipes & labels to download and print.



After you've decided what goes and what stays you're going to give your STAY pile one more edit by choosing what will go inside your cabinet. This will make your cabinet look cohesive.  You can pick a theme or choose a color.  I chose mainly white and added a few colorful cups and bowls.



Now it is time to decorate your shelves by grouping like items together. Bowls with bowls, cups with cups, and plates with plates. 




After the shelves are organized with your plates, bowls, cups, and glasses it is time to add color.  Fruit and greenery are simply displayed in clear glass vessels.  Nothing fancy a  pickle jar or a large vase will do.  Using clear glass makes for a clean uncluttered look.


Use items that have colorful labels and group them together on a plate or tray.  For a subdued color place a handful of wine corks in a glass vase.




Beans in mason jars and folded towels add texture and warmth to the glass shelves.




I have to say baskets are my best friend!  Remember the paper towels and cookbooks that were exposed on the bottom shelf.   Guess where they are now?  Yes, hidden away inside these baskets. 


Place a large basket on top of your cabinet for more storage.   



organizing -ideas-for-glass-front-cabinets





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