The winter and holiday season in New York is off and running!  This is one of my favorite times of the year and I am gearing up to deck the halls of our home with winter greens. Some of my favorite winter greens include pine, spruce, evergreen trees, and shrubs such as boxwood and holly.  These fresh and lovely scented greens add a beautiful winter look to your home for the Christmas season.

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Here is how to keep winter greens in your home looking and smelling fresh all season long:

The winter environment inside a home can be intensely dry.  Make sure to display loose greenery such as garland and wreaths away from direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

Tip:  Mist with water daily this will help the cuttings last for about two weeks.  

To ready the greenery that you plan to display in a water-filled vase, cut the stems at a 45-degree angle with a sharp knife or garden pruner. This will maximize water absorption through the stems.  

Tip: Recut the stems weekly to make them last longer.

Rehydrate the branches for long-lasting handmade wreaths and garlands :  

1.  Fill a bucket with lukewarm water.

2.  Use a knife to make diagonal cuts through the stems.

3.  Gently crush the exposed ends with a small hammer and place the branches in the water for a few hours before working with them.

Maximize fragrance by using a combination of aromatic evergreens such as pine, balsam, cedar, eucalyptus, and juniper. Arrange them as you would flowers and enjoy their winter scent.  A daily misting of water will help keep them smelling fresh.

Tip:  Mix fresh-cut greens with faux, this tricks the mind into thinking the faux greens are real. I do this in my own home and you can read HERE on how to decorate with fake flowers (tips & tricks).

Here are a few varieties of winter greens to love in your home:

1.  Cypress - short needles with a feathery appearance.

2.  Pine - long needle-shaped leaves.

3.  Cedar - wide-spreading branches.

4. Blue Spruce - silvery-blue needles and prickly to the touch.

5.  Hemlock - small needles with a fine texture.

6.  Juniper - mature leaves are awl-shaped and arranged in pairs of three with bluish berry-like cones.

7. Rosemary - sweet aromatic needle-like leaves.

8.  Eucalyptus - showy leaves with a menthol-like fragrance.

9.  Boxwood - elliptical, oval, and oblong-shaped leaves.

10.  Holly - bright green, glossy leaves and contrasting red berries.

Here is a post I wrote two years ago: Minimal Christmas And Winter Decorating Ideas.  I talk about how to wrap presents in the simplest way and fuss-free Christmas decorating ideas. 

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