Upcycle A Square Clock Into A Frame

in , , by Julie Nichols, March 03, 2020
Hi sweet friends, welcome!  Last week I've been busy cleaning out closets and organizing our kitchen, two exhausting tasks that challenged me mentally.  During the big clean out,  I found items I wanted to keep, donate, and upcycle. One of the items I decided to upcycle was a square wall clock that no longer works.  Right away I knew it could be a cute picture frame.  At first, I was going to place one of my photographs inside it, but I didn't have one that would fit the frame, so instead, I printed out this sweet quote.
I think it looks adorable and fits perfectly inside the square frame. 
Read further on for this simple tutorial.

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1.  Square Clock
2.  White Card Stock
3.  Cardboard
4.  Screwdriver
5.  Ruler
6.  Pencil
7.  Scissor
8.  Computer
9.  Printer


Place the clock upside down on a flat surface and remove all of the screws using a screwdriver.

Use the screwdriver to pry off the back of the clock.

Discard the clock or better yet upcycle it!

Keep the screws to reuse for this project.

Measure the back of the frame mine measures 8"x 8".  Then measure and cut a piece of cardboard to the same size. This will be used on the back of the frame to hold the cardstock in place and also to keep light from passing through. 

Now pick a quote, it can be anything you decide on. Use Google Docs on your computer to create your printable. Choose the font that is most appealing to you and choose the size that will fit your frame. Then print it using your printer.

Cut the printed cardstock to the same measurements as the cardboard.

Place the printed quote upside down inside the frame.

Place the cardboard on top.

Use the screws that came with the clock and screw them back into the holes.

And that's it!  Now you have an adorable piece of art you can hang on your wall. 

I hope you enjoyed this simple upcycle and if you are looking for more upcycle and repurpose inspiration I have many here on my site so please go ahead and check them out under my categories page  REPURPOSE/UPCYCLE.            


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