A Cheerful Autumn Corner

in , by Julie Nichols, October 25, 2022

With autumn in full bloom, I wanted to share some of my tips and design ideas on styling a cheerful autumn corner in your home.  


A cheerfully decorated room for me is uncluttered but filled with items that inspire me to feel happy, calm, and relaxed.  I do this through color, artwork, texture, and with natural and artificial lighting.  I mixed the warm colors of beige, cognac, and brown in the furniture and brought in my favorite color pale blue with the accessories. The patterned pillows and my favorite throw blanket that I had for years add softness to the corner of the sofa.


Whenever the autumn season would come around I always felt pressured to purchase new decor and fill an entire room using all the fall colors one would think of.  Now I only focus on subtle tabletop decor using naturally found elements.  I could have just popped a mum plant here and called it a day but to me, that would be boring.  In my opinion, there is no better way to seasonally decorate your home than by just going outside and clipping what you have in your yard.  On the narrow strip of the drop-leaf table, next to the sofa is a bouquet of flowers.  How can you not feel cheered when you come into a room and are greeted by a colorful flower arrangement.  I clipped the dahlias and lavender from our patio garden to create this early autumn bouquet. When I arranged the flowers I didn't want them to look stiff and forced so I mixed varieties and colors and bunched them loosely in a black vase.  This creates a beautiful natural feel to the corner which is so much better than a theme look that you can go out and buy. 



This corner just feels like us right now and it's really nice to have this cozy space.  I encourage you to display who you are no matter what the season is and just look for things that make that happiness come alive and give you that place of cheerful calm.  Thank you so much for the visit!   



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