November 26, 2013,


 The state of being grateful; thankfulness.

I made this small Gratitude banner and placed it above my kitchen sink.     

I made the banner using different color paint sample cards I picked up for free at Lowes or Home Depot. Sorry, I can't remember which store.  I picked these up during the summer when I painted my daughter's bedroom.

Pretty Sunset

I used twine to thread the paint sample cards through. 
I Used a black sharpie to make the letters. 
 Leaves found in my yard. 
I made a couple of pom-poms tied them at each end and glued the leaves on with a glue stick. 

 This project was completely free & very simple to make

Last of Our Fresh Flowers From Our Front Yard


Thanksgiving Center Piece

November 22, 2013,

Using Blue & Orange 

Hi, friends I was thinking of a way to make a centerpiece without spending money.  I created this one using what I already had.  I used a wreath that I made over the summer, dried hydrangeas from my garden, my wool scarf, and a pumpkin.  

I placed the wreath in the center of the table.  I put a bowl in the middle of the wreath.  This gives the pumpkin some height.  I wrapped my scarf around the pumpkin and placed the hydrangeas around the scarf. I added two pompoms that I made the night before.

I set the table with my blue and white plates to go with the blue I already have in the room and to go with the seat coverings I made.

I also thought of a different way to fold my napkins this year

I folded the napkin in half lengthwise then folded over the right side to form a square.  I folded the corners into the middle and ironed over each napkin to keep the fold in place.  The napkins now look like a small envelope.  On Thanksgiving day I might hide a small trinket on the napkin for a nice surprise for my family. For the photo, I laid a pine cone on top.

Thank You For Stopping By 

Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving

Cat Napping

November 18, 2013,
{ Hi Friends } 

Guess who was sleeping in our bed?

Our sweet little kitty

Staying warm on cold days
Warm & Cozy


Half asleep

  Not going anywhere soon
Cat Napping

Apple Betty

November 16, 2013,

What to do with all these apples???  

Make Apple Betty!!

I used this recipe from my favorite cook book Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book
It's easy and delicious

First step is peeling all those apples.  I enlisted the help of my 15 year old daughter.

Next I gathered all the ingredients and followed the recipe above.

That's my daughter in the pumpkin patch when she was two

Fresh out of the oven 
My house smells so good! 
Can you smell it?   
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Apples!

My daughter and I couldn't wait to dig right in.  I made hot cocoa to go along with it.

Added whipped cream

And Enjoyed!

Just a can add your own twist to this simple recipe.  
Mine would be drizzling melted caramel & adding some pecans or walnuts on top.
What would yours be?

Hi friends, today I am going to show you how I transformed kitchen towels into cafe curtains.  


This is a very easy project.

I purchased this towel set at decor steals. 
 They are 1/2 linen & 1/2 cotton + machine washable!

Notice at the top there is a small loop and the print is a French bakery receipt.  They are so adorable! I love them and thought they would work better for me as curtains because I think they are to pretty to get dirty.

So this is what I did'll be amazed at how simple this is.  YES, this is a  no-sew project.
Just follow these steps.  You can do this.

  1.  measuring tape
                                                                    2.  iron
                                                                    3.  double-sided tape
                                                                    4.  any curtain rod (I used a tension rod) 

                  Follow These 8 Steps:
                                                      1.   Iron the towel to get rid of all the folds
                                                      2.   Measure the length you want
                                                      3.   Fold over and iron over your crease
                                                      4.   Use a strip of doubled sided tape
                                                      5.   Smooth over                                        
                                                      6.   Place your curtain (towel) on a curtain rod
                                                      7.   Hang your curtains
                                                      8.   Admire how pretty they look





As you can see I left the loop on.  If I want to use them as towels I can just peel off the tape.

Sweet Saturday Finds

November 04, 2013, in

Oh, Baby, It's Cold Outside!  Molly & I just got back from a walk and it is really cold.  I think I'll make myself a cup of coffee and show you some cute garage sale stuff I purchased over the weekend.

$3.00 Takes All

10 pretty hangers $1.00, blue willow plate $2.00, cow creamer free

I purchased the hangers for my daughter. I  painted her bedroom white.

10 Pretty Hangers

Blue Willow Plate

Moo So Cute...This Will Be On Our Thanksgiving Table

Free Cow Creamer

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