For the past month, I've been busy cleaning out and organizing the clutter in our home. I've cleaned out two closets filled with stuff that I haven't seen in years.  Sounds familiar?  Most of the stuff I could let go and donate, but the sentimental things I held on to. One of them was a glass block clock that was gifted to me a long time ago by my grandmother.

So how does a repurpose project turn into a story about two dogs?

A year ago in July our sweet dog Molly passed away at age 8.  The pain of losing her unexpectedly was unbearable for me and my family.  Around the same time, we lost Molly our daughter went to college and we became empty-nesters.  It was an emotional drain and I could feel the quiet emptiness of our home closing in on me.  After a few weeks of living without Molly, my husband and I decided to go to the animal shelter where we adopted Molly as a puppy to find another sweet dog to love.

Below is a picture of Molly at 6 weeks old.  When I started my blog Molly became my blogging buddy she was in just about every blog post.  My favorite post is this one Shadow Play With Molly

Let me introduce you to B.  She is a six-year-old pit bull and yes B is her name. We are not sure why her previous owners named her that, but at age, 5 we were not going to change it. In honor of her one-year adoption anniversary, I found a picture of her on the first day we brought her home and framed it in the clock that my grandmother gave to me.

I used this clock on my makeup table and forgot to change the battery out.  When I finally got around to it the clock was damaged by corrosion from the battery.  I love this clock and was disappointed that it no longer worked so I decided to take it apart and repurpose it into a frame.


I took the clock out of the glass block, flipped it over, and took it apart.

With a little help from a screwdriver, this was simple.

I threw away the damaged parts and kept the rest.  The part where the clock came out is what I used for the frame.

Lately, I've been using my iPhone to take pictures.  I snapped this picture of B in our backyard on the first day we brought her home from the shelter.  We have a nice size yard so she took full advantage of running around and playing with us.  The animal shelter gave her a new pink collar to come home with. I love how it matches her skin color.

The animal shelter has a website and that's where we started our search for a new love in our life.   This was difficult for me because I was still grieving Molly.  I even saw B on their website and passed her by. I felt I wasn't ready for another dog until we went for a visit to the shelter.  We went two times to the shelter and met the dogs that we picked from the website.  On our second visit, we met them again and we decided to open our home and heart to B.

First I uploaded the picture to my computer then I used PicMonkey to crop and edit the photograph. I used my printer to print the same picture in different sizes. Letter Size,  5"x7" and  4"x6"

I wanted a closeup of her face so I went with the 4"x 6" photo and used the round plastic cover from the clock to draw a circle around her face. Then I simply cut it out.

I placed my imperfect circle of  B inside the part where the clock was 

Now it looks more like a frame than a clock

 I spray painted the ring that was on the clock black and snapped it in place on top of the frame

Then I placed the frame inside the glass block.

That's it!

Our sweet Molly is one of God's angels now.  It has taken me a year to write a post about losing her and letting her go.  

Having B in our lives has brought back the sweet sound in our home and opened my heart to love another dog again.

Hi friends how are you?  Today I am sharing how you can add color to your wall with flowers. 
When the fluorescent ballasts burned out on our outdated kitchen light fixture I thought this would be a good time to update our kitchen lighting with a new barn light. After my husband took down the old light fixture I took it apart and made a vertical planter.


I also repurposed the acrylic sheet from the light fixture into a whiteboard.  If you are interested you can go here to see how I made that.



Here is the fluorescent light fixture before. It hung in the middle of our kitchen and had four fluorescent light bulbs inside it.


Varathane Wood Stain in Weathered Gray

Valspar Color Sample Paint the color I used is called Satinado.



First I cleaned the box with soap and water and then gave it a light sanding to get all the grease off. Then I wiped off the dust from the sandpaper and applied the stain with a foam brush. 
I used a rag to apply the stain.

After the stain dried..... I painted over it with the latex paint. After the paint dried... I sanded the whole piece. Then I attached a large Saw Tooth picture hanger to the back and hot glued a piece of burlap to the back edges of the box.

I hung three antique mason jars filled with Rhododendrons cut from my yard. The jars are hanging on S hooks.  Some mason jars do have handles.  Did you know you can purchase stainless steel wire hangers from Amazon?   These wire hangers are made to fit most mason jars. 

On occasion, I've hung fake flowers on the vertical planter.  Amazon has a good selection.  I am thinking of hanging a preserved boxwood wreath on it.  Wouldn't that look pretty?  I found these at Antique Farmhouse 

I added the driftwood sign (made by me) to the top.  You can read how I made the sign here  No Sweat Driftwood Sea Sign


I am in love with this makeover.  I can change out the flowers with the season, plus I love how the flowers look on the wall.

I also use my vertical planter in the dining area of our home to hang herbs from. I love having fresh herbs on hand when cooking.  So what do you think of having a vertical planter in your home?  I think they are pretty neat!  


XO Julie

Do you have a small chair or bench that you want to reupholster but are not sure how to?  Here is a simple tutorial for the beginner on how to reupholster small furniture. 


This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.                                                                                                                     

                          This bench is small and will be easy to cover with a piece of different fabric.  


I selected a classic fabric in Chartreuse with a white leafy pattern. This fabric was only a $1.00 a yard at my local thrift store.  FYI...check out your local thrift stores for the fabric you might be surprised as to what you will find!    

You will need the following tools:


staple gun


measuring tape or ruler


flip over and remove the screws.
 I am covering up the old fabric so I left that intact.


Measure & Cut the new fabric (I left 3" more than the size of the cushion) 

I labeled the cushion and the bench: Top, Bottom, Right, and Left.  I did this so the holes will line up with the screws when it comes time to put the bench back on the legs. 


While I was stapling.  I noticed my kitty eyeballing me.  I know what he's thinking.."Are you making that for me"?

Pull the fabric tight and start with one staple in the middle.

Working out from the middle put one staple on the left and one on the right (pulling tight on the fabric)

Then fold the corners in making a triangle shape and staple (I used my hammer to tap in the staples that did not penetrate all the way through the fabric and bench.) Repeat this process around the entire bench.

 It should look like this when you are finished.

Flip over and screw the legs back on.  That's all there is to it!  Pat yourself on the back.  You did it!

Place under a sunny window

The minute I placed this bench in front of the window it instantly became a lookout bench for my Romeo.  Little did I know when I started this project I would be making a bird-watching perch for my cat.

"I love the fabric it matches my eyes".

So what do you think of my tiny bench with its new fabric?  I know it's not perfect, but I did it myself and it only cost a dollar.  Are you ready to reupholster your own chair or bench?

Did you know herbs aren't just for cooking?  

Decorating with herbs is a simple way to add natural beauty to your home! 


Did you know that decorating with herbs can bring natural beauty to your home?  This summer I planted mint, parsley, and oregano in container gardens on my patio. I thought I would bring a few clippings inside and display them in my home. I Sprinkled them here and there in different rooms to enjoy their natural fragrance.  


Here are a few ways you can decorate with herbs:

Aim to make your meals taste fresh by using herbs when you cook.  Keep fresh herbs nearby in the kitchen by placing them on a window sill or kitchen counter.  For a farmhouse look, place an herb plant inside a planter.  Or clip sprigs and put them in tin cans or mason jars.


I would love to have this Elevated Garden Bed in my dining room sitting below the window  

Make a centerpiece for your dining room table by gathering a mix of flowers and herbs. Grocery stores are great places to pick up a plant or two.  For this centerpiece, I used one colorful plant and two herb plants placed in decorative planters.

That's B lying on the floor watching my every move.  We adopted her a year ago and she never lets me out of her sight.  She is our new sweetheart.

Another way to display herbs would be on top of a kitchen countertop. Clip herbs from your garden (or store-bought) and place them in glass bottles or mason jars.

One of my favorite ways to display fresh herbs is a vertical planter.  To do this I fill mason jars with water and add clippings then I use S hooks to hang them.  Click on the link to see how I made my vertical planter Vertical Planter 


I love this one at Bed Bath & Beyond

Adding herb plants to a shelf is an unexpected way to add greenery and fragrance. 

Save tin cans and up-cycle them into herb planters DIY Herb Planters In Up-cycled Cans

Aren't these cute at Wayfair

Besides being great to decorate and cook with herbs can make a hot or cold drink taste fresh!  This hot infused mint drink can settle an upset stomach.  Mint Tea Recipe

My favorite cold drink this summer is this Watermelon Strawberry Drink made with mint.

I hope I gave you some ideas on how you can decorate and use fresh herbs in your home.

xo Julie
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